Change in language

I have been thinking for quite a long time prior to writing down these words and publishing them on my personal blog. Based on the fact that more and more parts of my job happen to be in the  English language I realized for myself a need to improve my English on a broad basis. Although most of my colleagues as well as my boss always happen to insist that I perform well in means of using the English language  in our business surrounding I am still in doubt of being good.

It my arise from my personal history as I received my high school diploma with English as one of the two major courses plus exams and also spent half a year during my college time in Dublin that contentment to me personally is hard to  achieve. Nevertheless I don’t want to get lazy on that ability again and yes, I am well assure, that most participants of international conference calls just talk or speak out what comes to their mind without taking grammar into account and usually everyone else is well aware what this person is talking about. But I am reluctant to do so, as I know, that there are better ways to perform in the English language.

This is where my personal blog came into account, as I am deeply convinced, once I begin publishing blog posts in English, I urge and push myself to write and think more often in English and hence achieve a higher grade of personal comfort. So I made a ruling and decided to write more and more blog posts in English. It may sound weird , but practice is usually on of the best ways to improve.

So whenever you come across a sentence and believe that the diction seems rather unfortunate, please let me know! I need also your feedback to get better day by day.

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